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    How did you guys mount your 4" Kanaflex do it yourself air intake kit? 2013 RXP-X

    Just ordered the 4" kanaflex do it yourself kit and I didn't see that it came with a mounting bracket included in it like the RIVA power filter kit did. Did you guys just fabricate your own bracket to mount it up near the front of the ski? I'm putting it in a 2013 RXP-X 260 and have already taken out the old filter apparatus and all the piping so it should be a quick install once it arrives. Just wanted to see what others had done in terms of mounting up front.

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    I drilled two holes in the area just behind the storage box to hold the bracket on

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    I have seen a ski that opened up the hole in the air box and inserted the 4" in place of the stock pipe ...

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    Get long zip ties and mount it to the steering column right up next to the two air inlets there's a little hole you can put the zip tie through in the bottom of the plastic steering column arm, no drilling, no fabbing up a bracket, use black zip ties and you won't even know it's there, also, toss a velocity stack and some screen over it if you want

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    Awesome thanks for the info. I will be sure to just use a zip tie and be done with it. I remember that spot at the bottom of the plastic steering column arm when I tried and failed to squeeze the factory air intake box out without removing the fuel pump from the tank first!

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    Dont forget you will need shorter tank straps or have to tie a knot in the factory ones.

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    Can you explain how you got the stock air intake off all the way up?

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