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    2016 VXR flooding

    Has anyone ever had there newer waverunners flood? Almost since new, about 1 out of every 10 starts it will flood. I know it is fuel injection and shouldn't, But acts just like it. We will have to keep turning over alot until it finally starts almost running the battery dead. Then you can even smell the gas when started.
    Tried going back to dealer and asking if they heard of this, and kinda argued of it flooding. To him I think I was just another customer who knows nothing, even though I am fairly mechanical inclined. But anyway, said no, haven't heard of it. Really do not want to take it back to dealer with such a intermittent problem, that they may not find. I did the ribbon delete mod on it thinking it was maybe being choked with that screen.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. My buddy said maybe cheap gas, but haven't tried better gas since he said at the end of the season.


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    be sure you have some play in the throttle cable at the lever and do NOT touch the throttle lever when starting at all. Try that first. If you give it any throttle at all the engine will not start. IF that does not cure it check for a leaking fuel injector! Tommy Jordan
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    Thank you I give it a try

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