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    Question Cam removal/install confirmation...

    I'll be installing a stage2 aftermarket cam and just wanted to confirm something.

    The cam locking tool will only slide in in one position correct? If I have the crank locked with cylinder 3 in TDC I can safely remove the stock cam, install replacement, rotate it until the locking tool pops into the slot and I'm good to go as far as the cam position?

    Then line up 1503 on the cam gear and that should be good to go?

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    Yes it only will slide in one way when 3rd is at tdc

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    is one easy way to do with no problem
    1) lock you cam in place
    2) mark cam sprocket and chain front and back with permanent market.
    3) remove stock cam and install new lock again and follow mark you did with permanent mark .
    this way you don't have to lock you crank ..
    best way with no problem

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