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    Smile Riva ECU 06 and 07-11

    Having a clear up and found a couple of Riva Racing ECU's,8650, 50 lb injectors
    One is 06 " B " model and is all good mapped for 8650 and 50lbers
    One is "C" C model and is good was in my ski, and
    A Brand NEW "C" model still in Shipping box, never installed or set up to any ski.

    And an O5 "A" model that i think is good it was in my other ski i sold, if interested I will find a ski down here and chuck it in to test it
    Open to reasonable offers and can program key for any of them except the Brand new one, as it needs to be set up with input from Riva, I swapped it for an 05 unit.

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    Prices bro

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