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    2004 R-12 ecu ???

    Hi guys, I have ski 1200 miles away, last week my 2004 R-12 non turbo started to sputter and would not accelerate. I would not even get up on plane. It would idle fine though. I ran it a bit like that and it started to flash the warning light and the buzzer would sound as soon as I gave it gas.

    I could shut it off and it would idle fine again with no warning light or buzzer as long as I did not nail it. I did not have a chance to pull the code. Do you all think that sounds like the ECU? I just bought one and will replace it next time I am down there, I would rather have all the parts with me to try as I don't get down there that often. Any other parts that I should bring down? thanks for any help.

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    Anyone? Background info, I just replaced the plugs, fresh gas and a new gas tank (under recall) that had cracked, I assume because I smelled gas in the hull I noticed a bunch of gas and marked the tank, the next day the tank level was way down. and new gas.

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    Best To Pull The Codes, And Go From There.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NitroShark View Post
    Best To Pull The Codes, And Go From There.
    Thanks Nitro, for a bit I thought I was the only one left that visits this forum.

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    Did you pull the code yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidr View Post
    Did you pull the code yet
    No sir, I will not be back down until Jan 8 now.

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