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    2001 gp1200r cutting out

    • I have recently purchased a 2001 gp1200r. I tried it out the other day and I had to feather the trottle only to get it to about 15 mph. It idles good on and off the water and will rev from full throttle off the wtater. Sitting in the water idleing and just barely hitting the gas it would do fine, but when you give it full trottle it would quit. I rode it like this for about 10 mins hoping it would clear up but it kept doing it, althoguh it did clear up once or twice and take off like a rocket reaching about 45 or 50 mph and then shutting off. I have read it may be, carbs gummed up, accelerater pump, pv servo motor or fuel and oil lines. I know how to work on motorcycles but this is my first watercraft.

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    First thing you better do is a compression check. You could have a dead cylinder.

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    I second that. Probably not the cause of the original issue but the 10 min of trying to clear it up and occasional wot could have definitely burned one.

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    Need help on what to check for still.

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    Repeat post #2. what are the numbers?

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