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    Polaris sl750 electronics help and WTB

    Hello, I am new to the site but not new to forums. I have spent a lot of time on Xh20 as I primarily ride flat water freestyle boats but have found myself in a situation working on sitdown skis in the past and the current project is a 1994 Polaris SL750. It turns over but no spark. Jet ski took on water at the lake (by the owner not me) and the ebox filled up with water. Was rusty looking and the circuit board looking part on the box has a bunch of gunk on it and while pulling out the glass fuse the holder came out so I am assuming new electronics are needed. At least this piece and maybe more. However I want to be sure what parts exactly do I need and not just buy all new electronics and not know exactly what part was the cause.

    Does anybody have any specs as to checking the stator for Ohms or voltage or anything. I have two skis and one is working and tempted to open the other ski and start testing and swapping parts but I am sure continuity and meter readings will be a more accurate and hopefully time saving task.

    This thread may not be in the proper place on the forum and if so mods please fill free to move it. This was the only area I was able to find the option to create a new thread. Thanks for any and all help. - Mike B

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    Click on my signature link, then hunt down the blue Fuji engine sections.

    Among all the info there is a link to testing the Fuji engine stator coil ohms, ignition coils, etc.

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    Awesome, thanks that page is just what I was needing.

    Does anybody have any and all of the electronics for one of these skis. First thing I will need will be that circuit board looking item that all the wires connect to because as I removed the fuse the holder broke and the more i touch it the more things break lol.

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    I bought the terminal board from ebay.

    When you change it, do 1 wire at a time!

    Make sure the gasket is in place when you reassemble, the gasket was totally missing on mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonJet View Post
    I bought the terminal board from ebay.

    When you change it, do 1 wire at a time!

    Make sure the gasket is in place when you reassemble, the gasket was totally missing on mine.
    Perfect I was trying to figure out the name of it. And yeah I will need a new gasket, thing was ripped in multiple places and cut in half at one point from wear and tear I'm sure. Ebay shopping I will go unless anybody from the board speaks up and wants to clear their shelf.

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