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    Cheap fix for paint/Gelcoat chipping

    I am the fortunate recipient of a free 2001 Kawasaki ultra 150! It has several small areas where the color is chipping off and I do not want to do major repairs to it. I do want to protect it though and am wondering if I can just smear some silicone sealant onto these areas or if anyone has any other fixes that are quick and simple but not necessarily something that is beautiful!

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    FREE?!?! Does it run? Make sure you check the oil lines before you go any farther.

    For temporary repairs, I think most people use MarineTex.

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    I believe it will run. My friend said he and his son took it out last time, 2 years ago, before the son died and it ran then. But they left the plug out and it got water in it. So they got back to shore and pulled it out. They had it winterized and that was two years ago. Fast forward to now and it's in my garage. It won't turn over and I've figured out that the starter relay has gone bad. So I ordered a new one, it should be here next week. It is not seized, I have turned it over by hand, no problem. I think the water shorted out the relay or it would have started right up. I will look into marine-Tex. Thanks!

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    nail polish works good for small chips. Comes in 1000000000000 colors, and is incredibly strong.

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