So i ve been looking for information about the triple pipe. mostly over here. Most people i have talk to on here told me triple pipe need to use 50/50 race/pump gaz to run well. Then ditch those cv carb because the triple pipe work really good only with big carb.

So i have almost decide to sell those pipe and with the money buy big carb and do a stage 2 mod at groupk.

Today I spend the whole day talking with friend of friends in France about those triple pipe. the 3 guys i europe i have talk to ride their triple on pump gaz only.

the first one had the triple pipe with novi 48. factory pipe cdi mag pump. dual cooling, told me he was riding with 2 oz oil by gallon of gaz in premix plus the oil injection. using maxima castor 927 oil with maxima octane booster. can go full throttle at any time.

second one ride 2 setup. first for endurance race, he have triple pipe, stock cdi, stock carb, mag pump, dual cooling, ride with 2% of oil in his gaz ( no idea how much is it exactly ) told me he can go full throttle or just chilling around all day long without any problem.
then when he do bouey racing. same setup with triple novi 48. no problem with pump gaz.

the third guy, triple pipe, factory pipe cdi pump curve, stock carb, stock pump, dual cooling, didnt anwser me about how much oil he was mixing in his gaz. but still never had problem running pump gaz.

they all use 98 octane gaz from france, those 98 oct in europe equal to 93 octane here in america.

so right now my head dont know what to do. i need some people opinion on that