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    2002 Yamaha FX140 engine head removal.

    Hi bought a 02 FX140 with trailer $1000. Guy that had it before me said has not run in a couple of seasons. Tried to tune up broke one spark plug clean off in head drilled out tried easy out broke that off. I have two Sea-Doos and a older Kawasaki . auto mechanic by trade, is this something worth getting into ? Or punt it, I have purchased all the parts but not sure if opening a can of worms, thanks guys

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    That engine is a breeze to repair. Just follow the steps in the manual and youll see its really easy. You dont need any special tools just a little time and effort.

    Were you reusing old spark plugs or did you just over tighten the new one?

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    Plugs were in there for a couple of UNUSED seasons , I have the manual , should I take engine out ? Twin cam and timing make me a little Leary thanks for your reply

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    Yes you will need to take the engine out. You will be able to get inside the hull once its gone to replace all the rusted hose clamps and clean clean clean.

    Twin cams are really simple. Just make sure to get Top Dead Center with your #1 cyl and then tear down. You will want to have a second person helping you when it comes time to remove the two cams tho, have someone hold a bungie cord thats hooked to the chain and keep pressure on it.

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