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    Fzr pump seal kit ? R&d

    Is it worth getting the pump seal kit ? Those it really work ?
    Also planning on getting the r&d grate.
    Any install instructions on the pump seal kit ?

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    You will definitely want the pump seal kit with the R&D grate. By far the best setup on the FZ. The pump seal kit simply drops into the empty cavity in the back of the grate. Easy install!

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    i have had a r&d intake grate on my FX for years and could feel it pull down onto the water more than my stock FX. Then got a seal kit and r&d grate for the stock one and was a big difference between just a grate and grate/seal combo.

    probably one of the best bang for buck mods and i should have done it a long time ago.

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    I heard that it has to be siliconed? Like around the gaps ? Or is that optional ?

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    Going to stay involved in this. Ive been wanting to get the pump seal kit to assist with cavitation. Completely stock ski. But wanted to know if it was worth the money as well....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zsvho16 View Post
    I heard that it has to be siliconed? Like around the gaps ? Or is that optional ?
    You can silicone the R&D 'plugs' into the grate if you want, but I recommend using silicone on the mounting surface of the grate itself (such as around the bolt holes).

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    Or you can fill the voids in the intake grate with casting resin and spend 1/8th the amount.

    If you do decide to get the seal kit the greenhulk store is fastest shipping and usually cheapest never gotten one damaged product from here. Jerry is top notch.

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