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Thread: LOW compression

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    LOW compression

    2001 FX140 70# ONLY in a ll 4, after fresh rebuild.......... New Pistons and rings, hone looks like a textbook crosshatch. Tolerances still well within specs after honing, feel confident rings are installed correctly. All IN & EX shims right on clearance required. Will verify all within this week, going to do a leak down test today if I can get a tool made to do so, please any ideas would be great before R&R the engine.......thanks for any suggestions Ken

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    Before pulling the engine out, It would be great to see your leak down numbers. If ok, leave the cams out and perform a few more leak down tests, but with the pistons each at various heights ( you want to test if the cylinders are out of round). Fair warning, the crank might try to spin on you, so place a broom stick into the pump to lock the prop down. Hopefully it doesn't come to this, but it sure is better than disassembling the motor again.
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