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    787/800 Performance Kit TNT Westcoast 44mm Carbs

    I'm offering another performance Kit that I have put together to go on your carbed 787. I have been running this on one of my personal X4's for a while now. It runs great and revs to between 7200 and 7300 rpm with a stock 96XP impeller. I will include some water lines and mark them so you know how to hook it up. I'm leaving the lines on the carbs as well so everything will plug in easily.

    TNT pipe- I've wanted one of these forever and now I have three or four of them. This is the cleanest of the bunch and it's built tough! It fits in the hull perfectly without causing any new rattles or anything. It's not offensively loud but has a nice tone. I'm including the exhaust manifold and a new manifold to cylinders gasket.

    Westcoast Rev Limiter- These were made by Gary at Micro-Touch. This particular one is for a 96 model 787 with the cdi that's part # ends in 0811. If you have a 95 XP800 then I can swap this one for the one you need. This part is essential when using the pipe because the stock limiter cuts you off at about 7 grand. It fits in the grey box underneath the MPEM and also has settings that allow you to alter ignition timing.

    44mm Carbs- I don't know who modified these Mikuni's but they did a super job. They were sold to me as "Novi's" years ago when I didn't know better. Mr. Bill told me they might be early Buckshot's but it's just one thing I've never been sure of. I re-jetted these things 4 different times before I got them to run just right with this pipe. I'm including the ProK flame arrestors and FLY pre-filters. They are spigot mount so you will need a couple mounts bolted to your intake manifold. They are common and about $20 each.

    I've priced these reasonably together because they run well together. The trail and error tuning is already done here so it would be a shame to bust the parts up and waste the work I put in. If it does not sell as a kit in a couple weeks then I'll consider selling the items separately. $800 shipped in the Continental US only. Thanks for considering.

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    Sold thank you.

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