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    Unhappy 94 + 95 Kawasaki ST 750's : Broken Carburetor Return Line Fitting...How can I repair?

    OK , this my 1st post here , but I got 2 Kawasaki ST 750's on a single trailer for a good price this past spring.
    1 ski run ok, the other had a bad wide open throttle lock up on trailer due to a bad crankcase water release valve allowing air in leaning the mixture and causing dieseling.

    They are 1994 + 1995 2 stroke models with the small pin (Grey) JT750AE engines. Both run a single CDK2 carburetor.

    I completely rebuilt them both with new seals , rings, + gaskets over the summer and got rid of the oil injection because I rather run premix for safety. I also installed the lower crankcase water drain block off plates.

    I dropped 1 of the carburetors on accident and broke a plastic tipped return fuel line fitting.
    Supposedly they don't produce these CDK2 carburetors anymore.
    The carbs are good and clean internally and externally, just 1 has the broken fuel fitting.
    I'm not sure how to fix this or who might be able to repair it.
    I'm also not sure if the fitting is replaceable , pressed in, or screwed in ???
    I also hear I can update the carburetor to a muniki but not sure what 1 to choose or what all is going to be required to make the swap.

    Dose anyone know how or who can repair this busted fitting.
    I'd sure like to have these skis ready for next spring

    Thank You All
    - noneshere

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    I would get a piece of tubing the correct size or slightly larger (then drill the hole to fit) and press/epoxy it in place. If that doesn't work, used carb off ebay is probably your solution.

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    I have those fittings in brass, they press in. I can send you one if you would like. PM me

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    Nice cjbchopper,
    If you got the rite size I'd sure appreciate it.
    Just let me know the cost and I will gladly reimburse you.
    I watched a few YouTube videos of people torching them in + out with some good hot map gas.
    Some pre-tapped the fittings and threaded a bolt in.
    They would use a small socket as a spacer with a washer and nut on top.
    Holding the threaded bolt still, they would turn the nut down on the washer + socket and pop the fitting out while it was still hot.
    ...Some just twisted them out with ordinary pliers.
    They heated it again and tapped the new fitting in with a few small hammer hits, then let it cool tight.
    I sure hope it works just as easy for me as they did it.

    I will send you a message soon cjbchopper.

    Thanks again everyone,
    - noneshere

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    Smile Yes , Thank You cjbchopper ! ...

    Sorry for the delayed response,
    I did receive the fuel fittings.
    They worked nicely and torched out and in easy with vice grips and yellow gas.
    Really better then factory now.
    I went ahead and replaced the fitting on the 2nd carburetor as well.
    Both are back in the boats and connected nicely.
    But I havent started them because I've found a busted jet pump intake guide shoe in the hull thats got to be cavitating.
    Although both skis are identical, 1 ski always ran better then the other but was always way slower.
    Its got to be that busted shoe lip creating a hole in my straw .
    Its like its shooting a soda pop jet stream out the back compared to the other skis output. I thought maybe i had 2 different props but they are the same.
    Thanks again cjbchopper.
    ....If you got a 750 ST front nose bumper in grey , im also hunting 1 of those as well.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes, a broken or cracked shoe will cause severe cavitation. I repaired one this summer with Marglass. Has held up fine so far. Piled it extra thick around the whole backside void area of the shoe to reinforce the whole thing.

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