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    Off Season Maintenance Projects

    Here's my list of off season projects. Everything is focused on improving reliability. This is a 2002 Genesis i. I replaced the TPS and had the EMM rebuilt this season.
    • Reset lock code on the MFI - Previous owner did not share the lock code with me.
    • Fuel pump fuel pressure regulator fix.
    • Replace all fuel lines
    • Tidy up engine compartment
    • Replace spark plugs
    • Have grab strap added to seat
    • Buff and wax hull
    • Lube everything and complete Polaris specified maintenance.

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    It may not seem like a reliability thing, but I find that thoroughly cleaning the hull interior often leads to a better running and more reliable machine. When you are in there scrubbing and cleaning, you discover up close things that might not have been noticeable from a distance.

    And once clean, it is less awful to reach in and work on stuff down low in the hull or tucked into a hard to reach corner. Which means you are more likely to actually do the work.

    Cleaning under the engine seems silly, but stuff can get caught under there, including old tools, hose clamps, and lots of grime.

    The Genesis has a hull liner bonded inside the outer hull which makes cleaning a little easier but you have to tilt the trailer nose up to get the water to drain out.

    Remove the access hatch from inside the front storage so you can better clean around and above the fuel tank.

    After the hull interior is clean and dry, check every hose clamp not just for tight but also that the clamp is in the correct position on the hose and the hose is positioned correctly on the fitting.

    Unclip and lift the bilge pump out, clean underneath. Use proper hose clamps on the bilge hoses.

    Here are some notes from a Genesis i that I worked on earlier this year.

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    Great idea about cleaning up the inside of the Hull. I already did some degreasing in there because it was so unpleasant to reach in there for anything. I will add completing the degreasing to my list.

    Thanks again for all of the great info. I read thru your 1999 Genesis thread and got some great ideas about re-routing wires and hoses.

    One question - Do you have a preferred fuel hose to replace the gray Tempo stuff?

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    Recommended that the fuel hose be USCG rated marine grade A1 (actually, A1-15 is the current spec).

    B1 fuel hose is OK but A1 is preferred.

    I use 1/4" ID fuel hose, double wall reinforced.

    High pressure 'fuel injection' hose is not required as the maximum fuel pressure in the system is typically 30PSI or less.

    Oetiker stepless/gapless hose clamps recommended. Use the correct tool, makes for a professional and leak proof installation.

    Use the correct size Oetiker clamps for your particular fuel hose OD. The clamp size is marked on the clamps in mm and is the largest installed hose diameter the clamp can fit. Each clamp has a maximum and minimum hose OD diameter that it can squeeze to seal.

    Note that some nipples in the Ficht fuel system are on the small side (fuel pump return) while the schrader valve tee (also in the fuel return line) has 5/16" diameter hose barbs. So you may need two or three sizes of Oetiker clamps to properly clamp all the hoses snugly.

    I warm the hose end with an electric heat gun and use a few drops of 2-stroke oil to allow the hose to fit onto the schrader hose barbs more easily.

    I have posted photos elsewhere of the installed Oetiker hose clamps and I think you can see the clamp sizes I used. All Polaris Ficht engines use the same fuel hose sizes and clamps, not just Genesis but also Virage and MSX 140.
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    I finished resetting the MFI and fixing the fuel pressure regulator.

    If anyone reading this doubts the necessity of doing the fuel pressure regulator fix please don't wait... do it now. I disassembled my fuel pump and touched the pressure regulator and it immediately fell out.

    It's a ticking time bomb and you should fix it before it blows up your engine.

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