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    Re-ringing Pro-X pistons for 1200 (66V) engine

    I had the unfortunate experience of seizing a piston from my fairly newly rebuilt 66V engine a couple weeks back (I'd rather not get into the sheer stupidity of what happened hehehe). When I rebuilt the engine, I used all pro-x pistons. I have to replace 1 piston and 1 cylinder due to lack of oil. Unfortunately the lack of oil affected all 3 pistons, so I want to re-ring the other 2 just to be safe (hairline scratch or 2 on the good pistons, lightly sand those out and run em, cylinders are fine). Replacement piston will be pro-x as well.

    Now I'm having a heck of a time finding just plain old rings for pro-x pistons. US Chrome doesn't appear to know whether or not OEM yamaha rings can be used on the pro-x pistons, but they suggest getting pro-x rings (rikken in my case). While I know they have some $$$ interest in recommending that, I can't really find anything that says you can use yamaha rings on a pro-x piston. A post on some other thread suggests they are interchangeable.

    Anyway, long story short, can I buy $30 OEM yamaha rings and put those on the pro-x pistons? No craziness here, everything is stock. I would gap the yamaha rings just like I did for the pro-x rings.


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    Never understood the hype over Pro-x parts, it's just OEM in a fancy box?

    Look on the underside of your Pro-x piston, it'll probably say ART, the manufacturer that makes them. ART also make OEM pistons. I've been told by a few reliable engine builders that OEM and Pro-x pistons come from the same factory and the same production line.

    OEM, Pro-x and WSM don't make their own piston rings, they use Rikken.

    Whether these rings are interchangeable I couldn't say, but I'm 99%sure your Pro-X is just a basic OEM piston in a different box

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    right, the are both made by ART. There is some debate as to whether it's ART Japan (supposedly where OEM comes from) or ART China (supposedly where pro-x comes from), but meh whatever. They supposedly are slightly different than OEM in that the shirt is a bit different/smaller than OEM as the pistons are designed for the 800cc motors, but can be used for 1200cc as well. Vaguely remember RIch (WFO) telling me that at some point. There are also claims that the ring pins in the pro-x pistons are designed differently such that they don't fall out vs OEM pistons. I chose pro-x for two reasons, cost vs OEM and hopefully no or reduced probability of spinning a ring.

    Really what I'm interested in is whether or not the rings are in some way different than OEM rings, which are readily available. It seems to be nearly impossible to get just rings from pro-x. I wish I still had my old OEM rings then I could measure them to see if there is any difference or if the ends are different etc. You're right though, the rings that came w/ the pistons were rikken.

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    In case anyone is needing a definitive answer to this besides me, this page pretty much confirms that rikken rings (which you can order from there) fit pro-x, oem, and wsm pistons (1200 PV 66V motor only):

    So Raider, you're correct about the rings too.

    Thanks Rich (WFO) for the link!

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