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    Riva verses r&d ride plate and intake grate

    do anybody have the pros and cons of which one is better riva vs r&d ride plate & intake grate 16 310 r

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    Stock for intake grate has a vaccum effect that keeps you glued better in the chop it's what this skis all about ,the Riva ride plate is a faster flat water plate for most that have tried all of them but can be more looser and unsteady in the rough as it has more angle for more lift , I recently went back to stock ride plate and recently have blogged with some of the top offshore racers and have said to stay with stock ride plate ...
    The R&D might be good compromise as its a top loading grate for hole shot acceleration and rough water riding ...
    Keep in mind like many others on here that this ski if your main goal is fast speed that its not like an FZR ,suped up RXT or a Conversion GPRXP so don't go chasing speed numbers 73-74-75 +++ your not gonna beat one with their Deans flash , bigger SC wheel and all $ go fast parts in there when it comes to flat water speed runs ,this ski is about great hook up thru rough waters at steady MOViNG AVG of 55-60mph over a reasonable distance and with practice even faster..��
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