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    Leaving the Ultra 250 Family

    Well guys, you won't hear my complaining about mileage anymore. I signed the papers for an '07 FX Cruiser HO today and my 250 is on E-Bay. I'm know I'm getting a slower ski but I value the fuel range more than the higher top speed. I'm putting a full RIVA kit on the new one. I'll still be watching you guys blow my me through.

    Enjoy your ride! You have a great machine!


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    If you are the same guy I bought all my Z06 FI parts from you. Good luck with the sale.

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    Yeah, that's me!

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    good deal...

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    Like TByrne motorsports? LOL

    If so thanks for the good deal on the Fast 90/90 haha

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    I'll have to watch your ebay ad, might do the same thing.

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    No problem Tom. You are getting a pretty good ski, and you will find a huge Yamaha following, as soon as you step out of the Kawi forum.

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    Would like to know how you like the Riva RPM setup on the Yami when you get it and get it running.


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    It kind of sucked to see the 250 coming off of my trailer. Really nice ski!

    I'm courious to see how the RIVA kit works out. My riding partner weights about the same as I do so we'll have to race my stock FXHO against the modified version. The guy at the dealer said they usually see about a 3 MPH improvement with it.

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