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    Ls 2000 oil injection pump

    I know, not quite a PWC but it is my personal watercraft

    I have a 1999 LS 2000 with 2 135 hp engines. The boat was a real mess and I have been trying to bring it back. After removing 9 year old gasoline, I removed the oil pump coupler and put in premix into it. I got it running and have had it out on Lake Erie 5 times. It is a fun boat. A number of things still need attention.

    I replaced the oil lines with ether polyurethane hose and ss wire ties. Since the boat had sat for 9 years I am leery of the oil pump output. I have looked all over for answers and have not exactly found what I want. I am looking for the oil output of one carb/cylinder line at 2 minutes at 2000rpm? 3000rpm?
    4000rpm? 5000rpm? not touching the oil pump pulley other than having the throttle opening it.

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    There are a lot of variables in what you are asking for. One is air/fuel ratio and elevation. The best thing to do is premix. If you want to do some measuring you would have to isolate each engine and know how much fuel they burnt in a hour at the same rpm then measure the oil. Even still there are many variables. If the cable is adjusted correctly it should be at a ratio of 40-1 to 32-1.

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