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    98 Spx has few mods 53 mph ?

    Hi guys I've just picked up a Spx as a beach / thrasher so I stop beating the crap out of my fxsho it's so heavy in the surf
    on not so flat water it topped out at 53mph with no working vts so no idea where the trim is at
    usual things done like fuel lines ect
    has works grate and sponsons
    west coast trim plates
    unknown prop
    seems to handle well and stay hooked up
    does this top speed sound about right ?
    also just notice that the plastic nozzle before the steering nozzle looks like it's been hit with a bit of a split the shape of a steering nozzle

    any my help making the most out of this ski be greatly appreciated

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    Stock would be about 56mph. It does rub off a couple mph to run sponsons and a scoop grate. If the center piece of the R&D trim wing kit is in there take it out. It offers no benefit and cuts a mph off as well as having worse handling characteristics.

    I'd get a TTO tach next so you can see what you WOT rpm is.

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    Thanks appears to only have the outer trim tabs either side of the ride plate
    I wonder how something like a trail tech voyerger would go on a ski giving tach and gps speed
    would be good to find something like this that has rpm gps speed and motor temp ect

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