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    yamaha fz or yamaha gp1800?

    i currently own a yamaha fzr, and love it. with the new gp1800 coming out i am torn between getting that or a 2016 yamaha fzs. i can get both from for the exact same. i know that the gp1800 will be fast and nimble. i really want to know how it will handle in chop. the fz is decent in the choppy water here in new jersey. so if anyone has ridden the gp or rides the vxr/vxs(since its the same hull) from 2015- present, i am curious to hear what your opinions are. will it be a difficult/unpleasant ride in chop? they both weigh nearly the same, about 20-30lbs difference.

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    please do a little reading before posting, there are a few threads on this already.

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    Oh I'm sorry did I hurt your feelings by starting a new thread? I asked a few simple questions, no need to give attitude. That thread didn't help me out. That's why I started another one.

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