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    Help locating performance parts

    Working on sourcing parts for a carbureted 1300, and get a little insight as well. First off the ski will be a wide open rec ski on the loca lake at 1,100' elevation. Running flame arrestors, HO pump (prop to be determined), SS800 grate, a modded ride plate, 1200 cylinders bored by Millenium Technologies, and a stock head cut by Lowell. Will be running factory exhaust.

    1) What jetting should I go with?
    2) I've read a little about VF3 reeds but can't seem to find them...any links or part numbers would be appreciated.
    3) Porting, yay or nay? What's the upside/downside? Typical cost of having it done?
    4) Factory CDI be sufficient for this, or what should I be looking for and where?
    5) Also considering a keyway mod. Where to locate one, benefits/downsides?
    6) How far can the 66V cylinders be bored and still be reliable?
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    Lowell is the master of these engines. Give him a call. He can tell what each mod will do for your engine and how to set it up right.

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    I sell the VFIIIs, keyways and jetworks kit

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