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    Fuel Filter

    I installed a inline fuel filter. When I start and run the ski the fuel filter looks completely empty. Is this normal? The fuel line as it is now is running straight from the res on the fuel tank to the carb.

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    just make sure you have the flow arrow pointed in the right direction if it has one

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    Get that Molotov cocktail off of that ski! My brother had one on his 70 1/2 Camaro. He was adjusting the carb once and kept seeing a flash. The glass had cracked and gas was dripping on the headers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guidoo View Post
    Get that Molotov cocktail off of that ski! ...

    No glass fuel filters on a personal watercraft. The hull is an enclosed space so a gasoline leak (even a small amount of fuel) can create an explosive atmosphere.

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    Too many dam PWC fires and explosions because of stuff like this!

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    Yes it's normal. What is the other filter for? If everything is in good shape the stock filter screen up front is adequate. If you want one also inline before the carb/s I prefer the Visu-filter 8412. It fits the 1/4" fuel line and flows enough GPH for most 2 stroke twins.

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