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    Help ! Yamaha fzr svho bilge pump doesn't shut off ? Engine off and keys off

    So today I noticed my pump wouldn't shut of after I did some upgrades * dedicated line plus intercooler everything is wired properly etc .... However my bilge won't turn off so I pulled the fuse and when I put fuse back in it turns back on ? Also does it with the alarm being

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    Anyone ?

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    Double check the Lanyard button. Connect lanyard and disconnect; see if it fixes. It may be stuck. Also do the dash lights go out as well? Or stay on?

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    Just tried that still no fix ... Lights do go off .. I spoke to dealer and was told possible relay stuck on ? ... Checked manual but it doesent say which relay is for what only fuses ...

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    As far as i know if it feels resistance it stays on when key is off ?or up to 2 min ? may have some debri stuck in bottom Id take it apart and look.

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