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    I think i have either a CDI or Coil problem on a 2001 SLH

    im working on a 2001 Polaris SLH ski. it wont run or start properly.

    I have fitted an inline spark plug tester, and on both cylinders the spark is NOT continuous and is erratic.

    when the it momentarily spark correctly the ski want to start/run but then dies.

    my limited knowledge would tell me it has to be either the CDI unit or the coil plug pack.

    does any one have any tips for me to check either so I don't waste money replacing good parts. do both side of the coils usually fail at the same time? as both HT leads give the same results.

    a static spark test reveals a bright white spark - and the spark plugs are new NGK BPR8ES (and proven on another polaris jetski so they are good)

    also does anyone know any good part sources for these item. (I haven't checked your sig link yet K447 - but know you used to have up to date part sources)



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    The two cylinder red carburetor engine with Gen III ignition (factory fitment 2000-2004) uses a single ignition coil and the 'wasted spark' configuration. The ignition coil fires both spark plugs together every time either cylinder needs spark.

    So the CDI is firing that single ignition coil twice as often as a 'normal' ignition system. Make sure the correct ignition coil is installed.

    It is also a requirement that both spark plugs be connected and grounded as the ignition pulse flows through one spark plug to reach the other. If one spark plug or plug wire is disconnected then the other plug will have trouble firing properly.

    The CDI 'brain' runs on 12 volts but the energy for the actual spark comes from the stator exciter coil, Purple and Black wires. The CDI accumulates the exciter coil output into an internal capacitor and then discharges it into the ignition coil each time the ignition is triggered (for either cylinder).

    A faulty stator coil or broken flywheel magnets can starve the CDI for ignition coil voltage.

    And of course a CDI can become faulty.

    Do you have access to another Gen III CDI, even from a three cylinder red engine?
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    thanks Keith.

    I should be able to access another CDI unit, but that may be from a 2000 year SLH.
    the single ignition coil makes sense, and of course the HT leads / plugs are always grounded.

    I hope its not the magneto!

    see how it pans out. I may have another CDI in the garage with my spares - fingers crossed.

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