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    1999 Yamaha 1200 XA

    I have purchased a used 1200XA. It has the Cat D plate and chip. I installed wave-eater clips in the power valves. Went for my 1st ride and it ran ok but a little slower than my 2001 1200 XLT. The XA ran 40 mph, after 20 min the speed reduced slower and slower until it would only turn 3000 rpm and run 3-4 mph max. No idiot lights were on. Any suggestions what to look for next. Oh yeah new fuel valve and filter have been installed too with fresh gas (89 octane marine fuel).

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    Okay, the listing is a XA but i think it is a XT 1200

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    sounds like the engine may be going out. Have you checked compression? That's the first place to start. Should be 120 across the board, but 115 is ok. All cylinders should be within 10% of each other. I have an 01 XLT also, top speed for that unit should be 56-58, with powertrain in excellent condition.

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    Have not checked the compression yet. When you check the compression you have to pull the throttle WFO (wide fricken open) during the check right?

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    Lord no. You just turn the motor over with the starter.

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    For compression I always hold throttle wide open and let engine crank over 5-6 revolutions, all plug wires disconnected, one plug out at a time. IF compression tests good then I would be looking for an exhaust leak.

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