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    new impeller housing

    going to do a rebuild this winter on the jet pump. AFAIK, the impeller housing/wear ring on my 1999 SUV 1200 (I bought it earlier this year) has never been replaced. since by definition, it "wears" during use, I figure I may as well put a new one in.

    my question is..........stock yamaha parts are EXPENSIVE! from dealers they're well north of $200 and some places even list them over $300. but there seem to be any number of aftermarket suppliers making housings with replaceable plastic liners so you only ever need to replace the liner when it wears out. added bonus, most of these are in the $100 price range. I even found one for $85

    are these all the same? is there one I should look at over another? will the plastic wear our at a much greater rate than one that is fully cast? clearly, plastic is softer than cast metal so logically a plastic one should not be as strong and should damage more easily but is it something that I need to worry about? if the one in the ski is original now it is 17 years old and has 220 hours on it. I put about 35 hours on it this summer.

    Just looking to buy the best, most affordable option that won't be disposable.



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    I replaced mine with an aftermarket and so far so good, the original one that was in the ski was plastic and the ski had 180hrs.

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    I really like the plastic wear rings myself. Sometimes foreign objects/debris get passed through the pump. I'd rather damage an inexpensive plastic liner that an impeller or housing.

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