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    stroker crank for ultra 150

    I thought about putting a stroked crank on ultra 150....say +3 or +4 ,combined with a +6 bore....either 1412cc or 1429cc
    ....will still have nikasil plated cylinders..
    reshape ports to fit raised cylinder

    anyone tried it yet.....ive got the machinist company to do it....its just can I get the ports and timing right
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    You can't see how you could put a stroker crank in a 150, Unless your planing on building custom cases, as the clearance is very tight stock (its a 2 stroke)
    As for the cylinders, Group K used to make a 1350 Big bore kit, but not anymore.

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    I was just wondering....i know banshee and rd's 2-stroke....can have a far as cylinders....millennium will bore and nikasil plate whatever you want

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    Hell, if you want to go crazy, do a 15F swap.

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    The 15f sway is cool, BUT from the guy that did the swap here on green hulk seems like the stock 1200 puts out about the same.. shoot i have run stock for stock between my stx-r and a 15F and i walk on him...

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    I want a 1500 2-stroke

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