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Thread: Oil leaking

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    Oil leaking

    Have a carbed 787 that's leaking oil into rear cylinder thru oil line. Apparently check valve not working. Question...can I just use an in-line oil line pressure/chk valve valve from a yamaha 800/1200 or a kawi 900/1100?

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    Are you sure that's where the oil is coming from? I usually find oil leaks into the case/cylinder to be the rotary shaft oil bath seals on the crank... I wouldn't introduce any yamaha or kaw parts for sure because the risk of NOT oiling is too high there using mismatched parts. I would pressure test the rotary shaft cavity first though to see if that's where the problem is coming from.

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    Yes positive. Just rebuilt top end for customer so had carbs off etc. Watched it accumulate. Ha! Speaking of crank seals just took an rfi in full to plugs with oil! Put an sbt engine it, new oil pump and front cylinder failed after 15 hrs. UHG!

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    Update...worked great using chk valve off of yamaha.

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