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    Buying used Mods here and need advise??????????

    I am looking into some mods for my 2006RXT and willing to spend about 500-600 dollars or so. Also think I am willing to buy then from people with good repuations on this board. That said what would be the best mods to help top speed in my 2006RXT I maybe able to pick up here and ballpark going rates for that listed used part? I have perfect ebay rating and pay with pay pal typically. Anyone parting out an RXT and have some parts in perfect working condition they may want to sell? I already have the washers....

    so what would people recomend and what kind of gains should I see?

    Thanks all!
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    I got a Riva Power Air intake, it is listed in the classifeds but just recently went on Ebay...

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    i'll have a riva intake grate as soon as i get it off let me know if u wan't it it has less than 4 hrs on it

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    you need a wedge, skeggs, a 4" intake(PM friebi1), riva grate, and some form of blockoffs(pref. RE blockoffs)'ll see a gain in mph with these mods but more importantly the ski will feel alot better on the water......just my .02

    and if you come across some more cash, go with the green sc blade w/ 42lb injectors, then you'll be ready for the pirahna ic = solid ski

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