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    Thumbs down 2002 STXR 1200 seized up! Options?

    Ive been reading for a while on this site, but had not had any reason to post...but I guess now I do!

    Im very mechanically inclined. I am pretty good with other stuff such as electronics etc.

    I bought this ski running, long story short first time out my friend was riding it and it took on a ton of water. I got it back home and popped out the plugs, sprayed a little oil and PB Blaster in the cylinders and cranked it from time to time over the next 24 hrs, leaving it on a battery tender.

    Well, I got it running, but didnt want to run it on the hose, out of the water for too long, so once I got it running I just shut it down and didnt think much of it. I should have taken it back out and ran it longer. It is seized while sitting for about a month. I had to remove the engine to confirm.

    It doesnt look bad really, the cylinders look pretty good, piston looked good until I saw the pins, which rusted in place. The crank is very rusty too. Im very tired, but later Ill post up pics. It could have been worse I guess. Looks like crank/pistons/rings/bearings/gaskets should be about all it needs.

    So what are my options..keep in mind I rebuild engines ALL the time. Sometimes when I am bored late at night I will just decide to tear a transmission apart just for kicks. So if you were me, would you order n assembled engine, or?

    I wouldnt be opposed to rebuilding it myself, BUT looking at the pricing on the does seem pretty economical to just have them send me a long block and slap that in there. That would allow me to get it going real quick without worrying about specifics too much. Any recommendations on where to either GET it rebuilt, or to BUY straight out another that has been rebuilt?

    What if I wanted to just do it myself? Any trustworthy machine shops that regularly do these engines? Itd be a lot of piece of mind to know it got done right for sure.

    Whos got the deals on cranks, pistons, rods, gaskets, etc?

    On a side note...since the engine is out, I thought about installing the larger fuel tank from the newer model, and I had been scheduled for an estimate on a paint job on the ski, looks like I will save a little since he wont have to pull the guts out. Mako shark paint job was the idea I had liked.

    Thanks in advance..Im just trying to decide how I want to go about this. Looking forward to putting humpty-dumptie back together again XD lol. I am open to criticism/ideas/info. Dont be scared.

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    Do not order a reman such as spt, rebuilt it yourself!

    Pwcengines have rebuilt 3-4 1200 cranks for me, he does an excellent job.

    Cylinders will not rust since they are plated, i highly recommend staying with plated cylinders.

    Larger gas tank is a good upgrade, i have done it to mine. With the tank you will also need the fuel neck and pick up new o-rings for the fuel sender and pickups.

    Lots of guys say you should buy all oem pistons/gaskets, i agree but the price of rebuilding these machines is not cheap. I have had very good success with wsm pistons, rings and gaskets. The 3 engines i have running these parts vary from 30-100hrs and they run flawless.

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    x2! Stay away from SBT for rebuilds. I hear they do a decent job on pumps, and they're a good source for cables, and the like.

    If you can do your own work, you're better off going that route.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I will check out wsm for the pistons, rings, and gaskets.

    I had seen pwcengines last night while searching for reman engines.

    So i could have the crank refurbished, what about the rods, do they do that at the same time as a package deal?

    So new pistons, pins, rings, and a guess ill get the whole gasket set seeing as how ill need them all.

    So i can reuse the cylinders? They look fine. Theres a very very small amount of wear in the same spot on all three cylinders...two lines on the forward facing side. #1 being the most noticeable, #2 less, and #3 almost not even there but if u look close it has it in the same spot.

    I forgot how much the cylinders worry about if they're only like 50 bucks each or something like that then I'll just go ahead and get them anyways. It certainly helps that the engine doesnt have a camshaft or lifters etc..less to worry about.

    If you guys could help me put together a list of everything I would need that would be freaking awesome!

    Found out the engine was seized yesterday afternoon, have the engine out by around midnight. The suspense was killing me. I couldn't wait to figure it out the problem LOL.

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    Yeah from what I read, it's scary reading just tell many people blow the engines multiple times that come from Sbt ? Crazy. I just find it very hard to believe that it is their fault. But better to be safe and just do it myself so that I know it gets done as good as it can get done.

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    Bye old engine, you will not be missed!
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    The tops of the cylinders all look very good
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    The cylinder walls and pistons looked good up top
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    Here is where you can see the wear marks in the same spot on each cylinder.
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    The two lines go all the way to the bottom of each cylinder
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