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    Exclamation Convert Carb to Fuel Injection?

    Im so sick of my ski.

    My carb engine is so damn unreliable, im ready to convert to fuel injection. One day it kinda runs, next day it doesnt run good at all.
    But Before i sell the ski, i wanna see if i can convert the carbs to fuel injection for a 93 Polaris SL 650. Is it possible?

    Can it be done for under $1000 ?

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    Possible? Perhaps. Reasonable? Not likely. The FICHT fuel injection system is computerized, and needs a particular type of fuel pump and special electrical system to support the computer (EMM). And there are no published ways to change the fuel map, timing, etc for a motor that it wasn't designed for. An 800 or 1200 could be converted back and forth (since the EMMs exist for those configurations), but not likely a 650.

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    Actually, i think i found my problem. I found a crack line on the block under the rear cyclinder. There was water slowly leaking out of it.


    Do i need a new block? can i just JB weld it maybe?

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