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    Gp1200 npv 65u how to install 1100 triples 63m external fuel pump

    Has anyone bypassed the 65u 3x fuel pumps with a single 63m external one. I thought u would just block the frt 2 pulse lines from motor and use rear one for external 63m one while 65u fp pulse lines from carbs stay unhooked and just hook up the inlet and return gas lines.Far as check valves in 65u fps does any mods or removal internally need to be made and can a 63m fp keep up with the fuel flow the 65u carbs want....

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    I'd take a guess that even though the single pump works fine on 3x 38's it wouldn't keep up with the demand of 3x 44's

    i don't see why you couldn't run two external pumps though.

    You would probably need to remove the 44' internal check valves and diaphragms to make them work.

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