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    Media blasting head

    Hi all, I'm doing a top end on my zxi1100, And I figure as long as its apart Kawasaki green would look much better. So I'm going to paint the cylinder and head,. I'm thinking the domes of the head are really brown from I think baked on cheap oil.. Can I bead blast that off? Would you recommend against it? I've rebiult a 300sx a year ago and used yo album, it's stayed pretty clean....

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    I certainly wouldn't use sand. Glass beads on the outside where you're going to paint, but I'd be reluctant to do the inside with it. Glass beads leave a textured finish that would trap carbon particles.

    There are newer types of blast media that may work better: dry ice, walnut shells, etc.

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    Degreaser and a scotch brite pad for the domes.

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