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    2001 Polaris Virage CDI/Coil Identification

    Hello and thank you for all the help I have already received reading all of the posts available here. I recently acquired a 2001 Polaris Virage with unknown history. It came in non-working condition. I have opened up the electrical box (almost all wires were disconnected and the battery missing) and looked at all the material available and am left with one question.

    My PWC has the serial US-PLE*****B101 so according to the identification methods available this would be a 2001 PWC manufactured in the US (correct me if I am wrong).

    The CDI is part number 4060180 which looks to be a CDI from a 96-99 craft.

    The CDI appears to have a different wiring setup than the stock coil in a 2001 Virage. (Looks to power 3 cylinders as seen in the wiring diagram attached)

    Pages from Pages from Polaris2002301-360 Manual (1).pdf

    "Gen I and Gen II original ignition (carburetor)
    1996-1999 two cylinder engines with original ignition system

    How do I tell if my two cylinder 1996-1999 engine has the original ignition system?
    Examine the ignition coil
    The original ignition coils have three wires connecting to the CDI; one Black/White wire, Black/Green and Yellow/Brown. There is also a ground connection to the coils (Black).
    If you find two Black/White wires connecting CDI to the ignition coil then you have a Gen III 'Update Kit' ignition"

    taken from

    I seem to have the first, 3-wire system described above. So my question is, has someone incorrectly attempted to use a 96-99 CDI with a 2001 PWC? If so could anyone save me some more looking and provide me with the correct part number? Thank you in advance.

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    It would appear that someone has installed an older CDI into your Virage. All carburetor Virage red engines have the Gen III ignition from the factory. Gen III CDI requires a Gen III magneto stator.

    You cannot use Gen III CDI or stator with the older style Gen I or Gen II CDI/stator.

    Use your ohmmeter to verify the stator coil ohms match the specs for Gen III stator. Once confirmed that you have a Gen III stator you then need to find a Gen III CDI to work with it.

    Also make sure there is the correct number of colored Hall Effect sensor trigger wires coming from the stator. There are Gen III stators for two cylinder engines and slightly different stator (with additional wire) for the three cylinder engines.

    While you are in there it might be worthwhile to actually test the Hall Effect sensors. The test uses a 9 volt battery and ohmmeter, test process is described in a linked post from the same place you found the above info, or via my signature links.
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    2 Cylinder Engine

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    Thanks for all the info. I will do the testing on the stator just to be certain and testing the Hall sensors couldn't hurt. Will report back with results. Thanks again

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    Yes the 4060180 CDI Is a Gen 1 3cyl CDI-the wiring diagram you referenced looks to be for a 2002 Virage TX (which has a 3 cyl engine) there might be some differences with the 01 Virage besides just the ignition system.

    You will need to make sure you have a 2cyl stator and if it is a gen3 stator.

    The correct coil for the 01 Virage will have just 2 terminals for 2 wires to connect the CDI.

    The 3cyl stators have a blue wire for the third cylinder. The gen3 stators factory installed on 2000 and newer pwc have an inline connecter. The 2cyl will have 8 pin connecter and the 3cyl will have a 12 pin connecter. All (but 1 3cyl) gen3 "update" stators will be wired dirrectly into the electrical box.

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