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    2015 VX Deluxe Oil Change

    Attempting to do myself and I see K&N has an oil filter part number (KN 204). I like the fact it has a nut on the end. Was going to buy the EOM filter and the Yamaha filter socket but thought I would check to see if anyone had an opinion otherwise. Going to get the Yamalube 4W as well. Thanks

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    i've used k&n before without any problems. Like you said, it's much easier with the nut at the end of the filter.

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    U sure thats the right k&n? On my fzr sho the k&n filter number is hp1002. White filter with the nut welded on the end. I dont know if the 1.8 supercharged and non supercharged engines use the same filter or not! U might wanna look into it

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