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    2000 polaris pro 1200 intermittent loss of spark

    sudden intermittent loss of spark on my 2000 pro 1200 this ski has ran well all summer up until last weekend while trying to prep and launch it
    for the last ride of summer

    spark comes and goes while cranking and as a result of this ski doesn't want to start

    when it does start the ski is hard to get past idol bogging and trying to die unless feathered to about 25% throttle

    but then seems to run decent between 25%&100% throttle aside from a constant miss here and there from what I assume is loss of spark

    any thoughts or info would be much appreciated

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    I plan to check voltage this weekend and possibly do some troubleshooting as well
    I was just wondering where to start or what to do next if battery voltage checks out

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