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    2001 KAWASAKI ultra 130 Fuel pump

    The questions I have are this What pressure should the fuel pump put out ,I know the pressure relief valve is on return. My second question since the pressure relief is in return line is there any reason an in tank fuel pump (12 volt)from automotive supply would not work I think 600.00 for a fuel pump is way high,a good quality in tank pump can be had for 85.00. And don't say its not marine Its impossible for an in tank fuel pump to not be protected. Or for that matter why cant an external fuel pump ( electric ) be used. I'm asking for any input Thanks in advance >Marvin

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    I think this is what your looking for. This link is for the 15F FP, but I think it also works with the DI's.

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    Here is one specifically for the DI.

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    Thank you very much I would have tried any when I found specs as usual you guys came thru again. Many thanks >Marvin

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    Any quick tricks that save time to pull fuel pump? looks like its handlebar assembly or pulling engine and sliding tank back, Have service manual for 150 and stx15f but none on 130!!! Thanks in advance>Marvin

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    It was easy just remove the emm and frame, the side panels , the handlebar base slid back, Then out she comes.

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