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    Recommendations on a fish finder

    Hey everyone,

    so I'm ready to pull the trigger on a fishfinder, but haven't the slightest idea what I'm looking for. Been to a few stores to check out the latest and greatest, but still wanted to check out what would be best for my seadoo.

    Anyone have any suggestions on a make or model? Looking to be as un-intrusive as possible, and would like something that would shoot thru hull. Gps function isn't a requirement , but would be nice. Pretty much looking for something user-friendly but accurate at the same time. Hope you can help!

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    I have a Lowrance hdi 5 and have had nothing but problems with it. I wouldn't recommend a lowrance mainly because mines 6 months old and has been back for warantee work 3 times. we have a detailed installation video on youtube if you need one. I think im going to go for the new garmin stryker series. They have a REALLY good price point and come with a very unique gps system. theres no map but you can put waypoints in there and it will guide you there. Thats probably why they are such a good price.

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    Ah, thanks for the tip. I was looking at the Stryker or the firefly. Just wanted some tips though, did you have the link to your video? I'll check it out!

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    Oh I've seen that one, nice vid! If you end up pulling the trigger on the Garmin first, let me know how it works out!

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    ended up picking up the garmin striker 4dv.

    @xtremefishingproducts, does your image get affected by mounting in that location? i was reading the manual and it said that the transducer should be mounted where bubbles and turbulent water aren't present. i would think it gets pretty turbulent back there. I have a seadoo and have an existing mounting location ( the original speed sensor) pretty much exactly where you mounted yours. thinking about that spot and hoping it works out well, though it does see jet water water and bubbles.

    actually, just found this pic, of course from our greatest jet ski fisherman, jetskibrian.

    curious how well it works, brian, care to chime in?

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    I also had troubles with my HDI 5 on the ski, best guess is it didn't hold up to the vibration on the ski. last time I took it in when it stopped working I upgraded it to the HDS 7, and have been fishing that for about 120 hours on the ski over the last year with no problems - other than when my thru-hull Airmar transducer cup sprung a leak due to my poor installation.

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    Also ready to pull the trigger on one...
    Anyone using the Garmin Striker 4 ? Just trying to figure out if the transducer would work.
    Whats eveyone doing for power source ? If it says handheld does that mean it charges or has batteries like a vhf ?
    If it gets wired in are you guys running a secondary small battery ?

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