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    GTR X 230 vs RXP X 300

    Hey guys I am looking into buying a GTR X 230 or RXP X 230 next spring. I currently have a GTI Limited 155 and it doesn't quite get the job done. I recently rode a friends RXP X 260 and fell in love. I am curious as to how the handling of the GTR X is going to be. I know the hull is going to be the same as my GTI's so I am not sure on if its worth getting even thought it is "half" of an RXP X. Will the GTR X turn and handle just like my GTI? If so, will adding riva racing sponsons help a lot? Trying to get the best bang for my buck so any feedback/help is much appreciated!

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    300 all the way !

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    NOTHING else turns like the T3 hull. And you only get that with the 300 now.

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