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Thread: norris ride

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    norris ride

    what is the deal with norris this weekend

    any radar stuff or just free riding?

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    free riding and beer

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    well, Lake Norris if formed by the Clinch and Powell Rivers. The actual "lake" itself is not that big, but when you look at the big picture and combine the two rivers with the lake it's HUGE! If you were to start at beginning of one river and ride to the lake theup the other, it's well over 100 miles one way. Beautiful mountain scenery and for the most part undeveloped. You can literally ride for days up in different creeks and coves without going to the same place twice. It's the cruisers dream ride this time of year before everthing officially opens up on Memorial Day weekend. Take plenty of gas money and ride, then drink beer all evening. Always a party, card games, and much BSing. If you want a woman, bring your own cause it's "different" around there and the town rolls up the sidewalks at 9:30 except for Walmart which can be an amusing side trip if it rains or something. Be prepared to be cold and wet, never know what the weathers gonna be. I've been the past three years but skipping it this year to make the Mudbug trip.

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    thanks for the reply

    i actually go to Norris quite a bit
    i live in knoxville so it is not that far away for me

    i guess most people are staying at shanghai resort

    i am considering coming up on sunday morn, but can not decide where to put in at?

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    hell, if your that close you should go! go to Shanghai to put in, since it early in the season there is plenty of extra parking. BTW, it almost over on Sunday, that's the day when everyone is going home since some have been there for a few days. In the past the few of us that had short drives home went for a ride Sunday morning and it was always deserted when got back.
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    sounds like a plan

    i will google shangahi as i have never been there before
    i usually go to hickory star since a friend of mine has a houseboat there

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    we were at Hickory Star the first year, it's on the other side of the lake. To be honest, for some reason the first year was the most fun for me.

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    hopefully i will see ya there

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