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    06 RXP Speedo Question

    Guys, I'm running a fully built motor, 05 cam Riva rear intake, exhaust, Fizzle 1k IC, X Charger and an ET 137/4 charger with all the supporting mods. I installed a custom Riva 8800 tune and noticed that my speedo seems to be running way off. It starts reading at around 6mph and tops out around 22. Before it used to show the max of 70 on the dash. Todays conditions weren't ideal for testing top speed and I'm still breaking in the new motor as it has less than 2 hours since the rebuild. My gps was showing 77.9 at 8300 with more speed with more dialing her in. Any ideas on where to check or is it better to just install the Candoo GPS speedo and set it in kph so i can read higher than 70 on the dash? Im dealing with a coolant burping issue (no alarms) but i don't think that would be messing with the speedo. 83F air, 86 water and 68% humidity @ 537 feet. AFR was 11.5ish at 8300, fuel static @ 58psi on the RRFPR.

    Thanks guys

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    i would go with the Candoo GPS setup or an external GPS like Garmin....Sounds like your trigger wheel/sensor could be going bad....Besides they are only good up to 70 MPH anyway..anything after that the sensor wont if your looking for the dash to read your speed past 70 then the OEM setup will not'll need to go with the Candoo system to get your speed to register speeds above 70 on you dash

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    thats what i was thinking. it seems like the paddle wheel can't keep up with the boat. Candoo GPS sounds like the best bet so I'm not staring at AFR, Boost and GPS at those speeds.

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