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Thread: P0106 code

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    P0106 code

    I did a search and came up with lots of information, and did do a MAP sensor swap, but no avail.

    I am getting a P0106 code that only happens at idle. I did a swap of sensors, but still getting a rough idle and the code. Anything above 3000 it goes away and the check engine light is off.

    I took the hose from the intercooler to the throttle body off and the code was not thrown. I have had an F1000 intercooler for about 8 hours on it. The intercooler I replaced has the pisser on it. I am not the original owner so I cant say that it had a leaky intercooler in the past.

    Any suggestions?


    Edit: No cracks/splits in intake manifold.
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    Hi did you ever find out, what was wrong with your ski? I have a similar problem?

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