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    Seadoo 4-tec ECU 664130 needed!!!

    can somebody help me with a 4-tec non S/C ECU 664130,please?Myne is faulty: doesen't run the fuel pump.Thank you

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    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get another 664130 ECU to put in your 2002! Those ECU's were garbage, needed the piggyback DESS amplifier to work.

    It was changed to the 664131 in 2003, which was slightly better, but it used the DESS emulator module, so stay away from it as well.

    You should look for either a 664132 or 663133(the latest version) as a replacement.

    CAUTION!, when you put in the replacement 664132 or 664133, remove the inline DESS amplifier module, and click together the two connectors once removed. If you don't do this, you will blow your new ECU.

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    Really helpful this advice!! I have a 04 gtx 155 non supercharger, do you guys know if i can run a 03 185 ecu on my jetski? Somebody said in one group the i can used but i have to use a map sensor from a 185hp , what u guys think

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    Thank you verry much for advise.I'll keep in mind

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    The 185 ecu will work just fine if u use the map sensor from the 185 intake. The only issue I had was if u let off the gas real fast the motor will die. If u let off the gas slow it will b fine.

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    What number has the 185?Thanks for the tip!

  7. #7 I have the ecu 664565 from a 03 gtx 185 That i gonna put on my 04 gtx 155 .

    Turboted so the throttle issue was with the map sensor from a 185? Or if i run the ski with my stock map ill have that problem and it will be fix till i change the map from a 185?

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    I have an ecu from an 03 185 gtx for sale with very low hours.

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    how much do you ask for it MR Toxicgun,please?

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    Yes with the 185 map sensor. Try the 155 sensor and it will run like crap.

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