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    These 300s are thirsty

    Coming from a 4-tec NA 155HP to this 300 I knew would use more fuel but geeze it feels like 2x sometimes. Other than being more conservative on the trigger finger has anyone found any mods/tunes that seem to help in this area?

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    300 is roughly twice as much maximum power as 155...

    What percentage of the time are you squeezing the throttle hard?

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    Getting 2-3hrs on a tank from what I can tell. Hour meter on these new boats only increment every hour so hard to tell sometimes. My old boat recorded to the tenth of an hour which was nice.

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    I have a 2010 RXT-X 260 with V-Tech 8350 tune, VT1100 injectors and it loves fuel at high speed. Amount of HP is related to the fuel consumption.....

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    I almost ran mine out on a 45 mile ride. Came back with no bars at all. Rode like that for about 5 miles. Sketchy for sure. I was racing a few boats on a cruise down the Mississippi River. Ran a best of 83 on the dash though. I only put about an hour and 15 minutes or so on that tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwall View Post
    . Came back with no bars at all. Rode like that for about 5 miles.
    I recently returned with no bars showing...was riding with a buddy in case it died. Still haven't filled it back up to see how much it will take with no bars.

    With 1 bar, there is about 4 gallons in my 15.9 gallon tank.

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    At 2 bars the low fuel warning first comes on. I have filled it twice now right when the warning comes on and put 11.5 gallons in it each time. This is pretty close to the manual which I believe states you have about 4 gallon left when first low fuel warning comes on.

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    I get around 45min of ride time on a full tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by WICKEDSEADOO View Post
    I get around 45min of ride time on a full tank
    My average fuel consumption is about the same, dash says 60l per hr. Not to sound gruff but when you purchase a top tier performance machine, you are not looking at fuel economy and if you are you shouldn't be looking at a machine like that. We dont have these machines for their fuel economy, we have have them because of what they are capable of. Pin it to win it!!

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    you should try using e85
    its seems like twice the fuel use
    its actually over 1/3 more than a 260
    but 100+ octane @ $2 a gal
    you just keep extra cans around

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