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    prop and bov without tune

    i slightly bent my stock prop buy sucking up tree branches. the cost to replace stock and upgrade to the solas is to close to not upgrade. however i am not doing a tune just yet. im also slightly worried with all the issues the solas props have had with blowing apart and manufacturing issues requiring being sent back. if i do the solas prop, which would you suggest and is it safe to use without a tune? also, i blew apart the hose going from supercharger to intercooler so was going to install a bov to help keep that from happening again, is this worth it or no?

    thanks for the help!

    oh this is for a gtx300 also. forgot that part.

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    you will not like the performance change when using a BOV

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    Don't do the bov the supercharger dosent need it, just make your own hard pipes.. as for the prop I'm no help there

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    guess seadoo is completely different from car. glad i asked before purchasing.

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