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    1994 SL 750, battery drain, bogs when throttle is applied

    i picked this anchor up for a steal from a mechanic at the local marina.. which to me i thought was a good idea thinking he knew what he was doing and would have it running right..i was wrong lol.. first and foremost you have to hook up the battery before you start and unhook it when you are done or it drains the battery.. the little display stays lit. is there a way to shut this thing off.. pain in the butt.. but i thought what ever for 300 bucks you get what you pay for.. it will start just fine.. but then it bogs hard and dies and it is hard to start after that.. if you can get it started it will idle but if you press the throttle it bogs out and goes no where.. could this all be a carb issue.. should i pull the out and clean them good and check the settings.. I bought this and another ski this past weeek i am new to them.. but i have rode snowmobiles for life so i have the understanding on 2 strokes and carbs... just looking for a little guidance on these things as i have never put a wrench to one.. any help would be great thanks

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    The display does not drain the battery. It is normal for the clock to display all the time. More likely is a problem with the LR voltage regulator module.

    Have you opened the electrical box yet? Make sure there is zero water or corrosion inside. Should look like new in there. Dielectric greased was factory applied to the terminal board.

    LR-21 (I think that is the number) controls battery charging and the Orange wire output for bilge pump.

    Click on my signature links for a lot of info and recommended maintenance, service items and common upgrades.

    I suggest you go through the entire fuel system from fuel tank to carbs. All the factory original stuff is now well over twenty years old. Inspect inside the fuel tank too. Check fuel filler neck and cap for hairline cracks, poor seal. That filler is dorectly exposed to water when riding. Water in the fuel tank is not a good thing.

    All new fuel hoses, new fuel selector valve, new fuel filter (OEM Polaris). If it has a water separator inspect or replace the o-rings under the lid. Clean it.

    Take the carbs off, disassemble and properly clean. Rebuild with genuine Mikuni rebuild kits. If that model year had a restrictor inserted inside the fuel return hose (small brass slug with a tiny hole through it), don't lose the restrictor when you remove the old return fuel hose. Insert it into the new fuel hose, put a small zip tie around the hose to hold it in place.

    Lots of other maintenance items including the jet pump seals and bearings, and driveshaft through-hull seals. Steering cable, etc.

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