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    Another VTS not working post !!! Exhausted hours of troubleshooting! Help! $50 ifufix

    I've got candoo pro. I kept getting p1693. Ok, check fuse- good, change it anyhow. Check vts, not leaking, changed it to another known (tested) working unit. NOTHING! Go into candoo pro, disable vts, and then re-enable it, cuz I've read every post made from know to the dawn of days to figure this one out. It DOES NOT MOVE. Give me the p1592 (or something like that, vts malfunction) and 1693. I tested motor in ski, with Power- works. Checked fuse again. Checked connections. I just don't get it. If it were a connection, there wouldn't be a code id assume. The level indicator IS functioning properly. What in gods name is left to check!? I figured since the ski was down and I changed the battery it might've lost the activation of the vts function. Removed it on candoo pro, re-activated- NOTHING. Can someone please shed some light on this? You give me the solution I'll PayPal you $50! I'm so tired of dicking with this thing! Oh and btw, has a brand new knock sensor- still kicks a knock sensor code above 7200! Bruce at xtreme jet sports installed it and covered it in grease to prevent corrosion. I'm beginning to think I've got a bad ecm , OR a bad harness?

    Does anyone one know the pins on the harnesses that goto the VTS? If I were to send direct current to those pins, I should get movement if there there is no break in the line from there to the VTS, correct? Knocks sensor is just a whole different ball game! I'm fixing one thing at a time. Please help me get this, I'm so tired of messing with it! Summer is almost gone, and I want my ski back!

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    Oh btw, jump box connected, brand new battery, connections to battery are solid no corrosion. Starts and runs fine.

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    broken arrow ok
    U might put what ski your working on ?

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    It's an '08 rxp

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    I took the ski out twice this week. Here is what is peculiar. This dumbass ski works fabulously, runs and drives amazing even with the p0326 code beeping periodically. I was told by Bruce at xtreme jetsports that it most likely is the ecu, or the harness.
    You guys out there that are experts at this stuff- how often do ECUs go bad? How many of you guys have actually seen ECUs just "go bad"? The unfortunate part is, not like I can just slap another ECU in there I don't have. I just was curious how many people have actually seen an ECU just "go bad" and throw random codes, only to have to change the ecu to find that fix?? Please help

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    Is the VTS rod in the module? If not it wont work.

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    Yes this rod is in the module. It kicks out a code specifying an electrical error.

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    What's the exact code I see a few throw around in your posts.

    Also. Do you have a good know working MPEM! I BELIEVE and can confirm tomorrow MPEM is where vts Circuit runs

    On candoo it it should say if the code is from ecu or MPEM

    real stupid but make make sure you have good grounds on front of engine

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    Edit what year is your ski

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