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    Cool Virage Start Button Question

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm having a weird issue with the start button on my 2000 Virage 700. Last weekend I had it out. I ran it for a short time before I began taking on water in the bilge (a whole nother story). I ended up finding it full of water and hydro-locked. I brought the ski home, emptied the jugs and tried to start the engine. Problem is, the engine will crank when I hit the start button; but when I insert the lanyard I get nothing. Nada, zip. No click nothing. If I take the lanyard back off. I can once again crank the engine. battery is new and fully charged. Can someone help me figure out why this is happening? Thanks in advance for your help. ~ Jerry

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    I'm not as experienced as others on the forum but it sounds like an LR module problem to me. Is your ski carbureted or injected?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mockingee View Post
    I'm not as experienced as others on the forum but it sounds like an LR module problem to me.

    Is your ski carbureted or fuel injected?
    LR modules are similar but not exactly the same between carb and Ficht engines.

    You can bypass the LR start/stop module for diagnostic purposes.
    LR-503 for fuel injected, LR-505 for carburetor Virage and Genesis models.

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