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    12f display on a 15f ski?

    Just picked up a 2008 stx-15f with a bad display. I was able to scoop up a full working display from a 12f. The one main plug from the 15f has 5 wires and the plug from the 12f only has 4. Anyone know what this extra wire is for? It is yellow with a blue stripe. All the other wires match and I can easily swap the plug over to the new display, I just wont have anywhere to connect the yellow and blue stripe so I'm not sure if its that important or if it'll mess the whole thing up.

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    According to my book here it is wire JT1500-A2~A7F Model which looks to go directly to the ECU. There are also 2 other wires that go to the ECU.

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    Apparently it is the wire involved with "Slo Mode". If I cut this wire will I forever be in slow mode or will I not go into slow mode?

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    I have a 12F that the gage went bad and I took it all apart and cleaned the corrosion off. Put it back in and still NG. Now it is forever stuck in slo mode. I grounded that wire as others have stated to the ECM to get it out of slo mode ( I have a manual as well). No dice. I need a gauge. Anyway when you hooked up your new gauge what are the hours on the display. Are they logged in the gauge or the ECM of the machine. Does anybody know this.

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